Between October 1-7, I will help you start your own drop shipping business. This course will be giving you every tool and information you need to get you started.

From choosing your niche to having a fully set up, ready-to-market store. I will also show you how you can set up and run Facebook ads.

Here is the sad news:

This course is limited. ONLY 150 STUDENTS WILL BE ADMITTED!

  • I want everyone who takes part in this course to benefit fully.
  • I don’t think you should have a lot of competition while you’re just starting.

So how much do you think this course should be?

20K? Well, it’s worth it.

I am giving it off for much less. So that many Nigerians can get access to this before it goes viral.

I would have sold it for 15K, but I decided to go lower. Because I believe information shouldn’t be restricted to only the rich.

I decided to give this course off starting at just ₦10,000

This is a limited course, and only 150 lucky persons will be getting all the secrets.

This course won’t be at a physical location. We’ll all log into an online classroom and watch everything live.

You have access to this course For Life. Which means you can watch it anytime!

You’ll be able to Ask Questions in the Classroom. So no one will ever be left behind!

To crown it all up. You Can Take The Course Wherever You Are!


  • ₦10,000 Access – 150 seats (10 Remaining)

To Make Payments

First Confirm the Access price we have available before paying. All payments should be made to any of the two account numbers below:

Account number 1: 0227436696


Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank

Account Number 2: 3062176771


Bank: FirstBank

Send a proof of payment


  • on WhatsApp (chats only): 08159060561


As soon as payment is confirmed, you’ll receive an email or WhatsApp message with a link to join the classroom. You’ll also be given an access code which you must input before joining the class.

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