Amazing Android 8 Feature You Never Knew “User”

Although this feature is called – “user”  in the Android 8 OS.It can also be  called ‘ the safe mode’ feature. Most people are not aware of this feature. Just turn it on and give your phone out without worrying that information and other files stored on your phone will be tampered with.

It automatically hides all data on your phone and you permit what will be shown to particular users. However, note that the major aim of the user feature is to allow more than one person to use a phone. Through the user  feature, each user of the phone can create their own custom phone.

When you create a new user, you will get a custom phone that will look exactly like your phone when it was new. This will allow the second user to install his own set of apps, contacts, musics, videos etc without it getting mixed up with your previous files.

Turn this feature on and hand over your phone to friends without worrying that they will check your whatsapp messages or Facebook or even phone messages because they won’t be able to access them through the guest user mode.

 How to create “users” On Android 8 

Please note that this was carried out on Android 8, you have to check the availability in other Android operating systems. If you are using nougat then simply follow these steps

Amazing Android 8 Feature You Never Knew "User"

Step 1:  draw down your notification bar. You should see a tiny picture sometimes a profile beside the gear setting icon.

Step 2: Click on the profile

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Step 3: Click on the “+” add user

Step 4: Click OK on the pop-up window

Step5: Your phone will automatically switch to the new user and you will be asked to do some setups. You will be asked to personalize the user by giving a name.

Optionally, you can also do this by

  1. clicking the setting icon from your menu
  2. Then click on users
  3. Click on add users and the same process as above will be followed.

Note: you can switch between users by tapping on the profile icon.

Go ahead, try it.

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