You’ll Get Sick of the New Top Eleven 2018 Update

I was on my own yesterday when Nordeus delayed the preparation for my upcoming game, asking me to update to the latest Top Eleven, well, I had to put on my 4G network so as to get my update fast-fast, only to see that the game has been updated to the Top Eleven 2018 season.

I am one of the diehard lovers of this game, and of all the upgrades I have been alive to see, this is one I really hated. I mean…I hated it passionately. I’ll try to look at the bright side and just hide my disgust until these guys slip, then I go laugh them wella.

So, after deciding to keep my cool and watch on, I think it will be great to share some of the game’s standout features with you guys.

Top Eleven 2018 Soundtrack

I think I love the game’s new soundtrack. It’s simply cool and for some reason, it just highlights so many things about the game and what it stands for. It has that high tempo that is just so cool.

Top Eleven 2018 Home

You’ll Get Sick If You See the New Top Eleven 2018 UpdateThe game home didn’t see any changes, it practically remained as it is, and I am starting to think the game might be holding this home design for quite some time. The home feels faster and really nice, but that’s a result of my device screen sha, no even think go there.


Top Eleven 2018 Squad and Formation

There are no real changes in the lineup and tactics tabs, most of the changes in the game are with the formation. Compared to older versions of the game, the bolder the color of an area, the better your chance of winning games.

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You’ll Get Sick If You See the New Top Eleven 2018 Update

The other upgrade was in the lineup. You’ll not have to save after changing player positions again. The game’s new auto-save feature makes it really easy to change players without canceling your progress as was the custom for me.

You’ll Get Sick If You See the New Top Eleven 2018 Update

Those were the updates I could easily notice. Now, back to my daydreaming self, don’t you guys think the Top Eleven game will be more realistic and even more competitive if Nordeus offers real money for winning? Chai, this company needs a new planning manager…me.

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