Twitter Launches 280 Character Limit—what can you do with it?

Hola guys, this is obviously one of the shortest blogs I will write, and seriously, I think Twitter will get a tad better, though the shorter tweets have always made Twitter the go-to place for straight-to-the-point posts.

I neva know as dis one go be o, but the company don tok sey they want make we fit express ourselves wella; shai, this is gona be really great for the many social media beefers we have around, they’ll be able to express themselves better…LOL.

Well, it’s a cool one from Twitter, and it will surely attract some of its old users who might have seen Facebook as the place to share sharable contents.

Twitter Launches 280 Character Limit—what can you do with it?

You should already be able to type 280 characters, but if you can’t, you might try updating your mobile app or refresh twitter.com on your PC. The company revealed that people who will be writing tweets in Chinese, Korean and Japanese will have to still make do with the 140 characters. Sorry dudes.

Twitter has been really slow in handling harassment problems on its platform, and even allowing propaganda that might have influenced the American Election last year. Whatever the case may be, e no concern us, we still fit tweet and unless you’re tweeting in chinko, you should just be glad and go on to the next article.

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