Xbox One X Review, Specs, Price

Coming as one of the best video games out there, or is it the best? I think it’s my best gaming unit though, don’t know about you.  For those of my Naija peeps who are diehard gamers like I am, Xbox One X is one gaming console we should all get…like very soon. It comes with more horsepower than any gaming system yet, and it sports more titles in native 4K that even the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro will get jealous. If you don’t plan to invest in a gaming PC, this is virtually everything you ever need. Hardware Even with all the upgrade to the Xbox One X, it’s still coming as Microsoft’s smallest gaming console to date, coming a tad smaller than the Xbox One S. On the color, One X comes in matte black, and on weight its 8.4 pounds. Interestingly, it feels a lot heavier than you’d expect because even though the One S is a little bigger, it still weigh around two pounds more [...]