100 Offline and Online Small Scale Business Ideas in Nigeria

Have you ever been seriously broke to stupor? Well, I have! The experience opened my eyes to see problems around me as business opportunities. You should not wait until you do not have money to start a business. There are many business ideas in Nigeria and I will briefly take you through a hundred small scale businesses in Nigeria; Small scale business ideas with low investments and high profits 1.      Tutoring This could be a great offline and online business in Nigeria for you.  If you love teaching, advertise your services using social media or ask friends to refer you! 2.      Babysitting This can be a great business if you love kids (as much as I do). It might surprise you to know that there is a family in your neighbourhood in need of the service! 3.      Elderly care Elderly care is in great demand and a good business idea you might want to explore! 4.      Ushering Ladies and gents, get in here. Need I say more?! 5.      [...]