Blockchain for Beginners

When I first heard Blockchain, trust me, I was as confused as you are, even more. I dismissed it as a technical jargon until I truly understood it. Well, lucky for you, this post is here to simplify its meaning and application. After this post, I bet you could hold a tutorial about it all on your own. Think of Blockchain as a car driving itself; there is literally no one behind the wheel. Of course, with the advancements in technology daily, a car that is “completely” self-driven may come to be in future. For now, it serves the purpose of our discussion. You’ve all probably heard about bitcoin, “the digital gold”, right? Bitcoin is a technology that enables its users to transfer currencies directly to each other without any intermediaries and the first major innovation of Blockchain.  Well, it is its (blockchain) most visible application, often referred to as “gatekeeper coin”. Bitcoin is actually the first digital currency to solve the double spending problem, as electronic files can [...]