New Pro Evolution Soccer Entry Lands on the Play Store

Coming as the latest title in Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series, PES Card Collection takes a different twist as it centers on collecting player cards. These cards will represent real-world players that come from different teams and leagues, making it really easy for players to create a dream team of soccer players. In addition to providing the player cards, gamers will also be able to train these players to perform better.

You’ll also be able to play across a series of modes against players from over 150 countries and regions. Just like Top Eleven, gameplay will be real-time, and users expect to enjoy 3D graphics engine that will be bringing the game to life, giving you that immersive feel that most of the previous entries from Konami never got to offer.

You will be able to compete globally after forming your team, and the tournaments will run regularly, so you’ll never have to sleep off from the gameplay in boredom.

Elevens Match

This mode takes you to a different level. You will be able to pick your best and favorite player card and then join with 10 other players (your friends who each pick a favorite player card) and then play with other gamers who have formed a team like yours…crazy right?

Konami also released its PES stickers that make it seamless to communicate online, so you won’t have to stop gameplay or type out messages whenever you need to communicate a strategy during a live match, well, am sure many of you are already jumping up out of ecstasy, click this link to download yours now.

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Pes card collection Pes card collection

PES Club Manager Comes With Upgrade

Not many of you might enjoy collecting cards for online matches, though, but you might want to see Konami’s latest update to the PES Club Manager. You’ll be having team kits and rosters that come with the 2017/2018 player roster, you’ll also enjoy an online mode that allows you take on other association members. The new update features My Hometown, new colors for uniforms and a limit break feature.

Pes card collection

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