HMD Global Reveals Plans for Nokia in Nigeria

The Finnish company, HMD Global known to make and sell mobile phones to the public under the brand of Nokia made its intention known through the firm’s management in South Africa to make Nokia the third-biggest smartphone both Globally and in Africa.

It was early 2017 that Nokia entered the smartphone business when HMD bought a license for the brand’s phones and tablets in 2016 from Microsoft- one of the biggest brands globally.

This wouldn’t be an easy task since its competitors have been in the game for so long a time, according to Gartner- a research and data advisory firm. The firm says that Samsung, Apple, and Huawei are holding the top three places in this game.

With the hopes that it will escape the financial hurdles and stand a taste of time, the managing director for South Africa Shaun Durandt said:

“Our view, in terms of the positioning of the company, is that it’s the second chapter… We never went away; we were always there in some shape or form – significantly so in feature phones – but the real opportunity for us is to start winning in the smartphone space.”

The company experienced success in the market by the end of 2017 when it shipped about 70 million units. It is now aimed to win market share by giving priority to how affordable it would be. The company also saw the period of yuletide as being successful. The HMD said:

“Christmas was massively successful.”

Last week, we saw when it announced the launching of the entry-level-priced Nokia 1 smartphone in South Africa. It will sell the model through the influence of popular mobile operators like MTN, CELL C, and Vodacom.

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Without a questionable conclusion, this brand faces a huge challenge from the Chinese brandsZTE and Tecno Mobile. Although these famous brands have gained a very strong ground in some parts of Africa, the reverse is the case in South Africa.

When the company relaunched the latest version of the Nokia 3310, we also saw that sales were largely sold, and are still selling.

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