Google’s Grasshopper Game Teaches You How To Code

No doubt, we can conclude that from the programmable LEGO robots to mobile apps such as Hopscotch and Mavis Beacon children enjoy, technology has been able to achieve greatly so much so that no infinitesimal games and toys to help these kids get interested in computer science. But in the case of adults, the preferences to learn how to code effectively did not look more fun but like a classwork.

To change that mindset, Google has been working tirelessly for the past nine months to launch a smartphone game called GRASSHOPPER which is designed to teach these ones the fundamental principles of coding- a step taken to create a computer software, websites, etc.

On Wednesday, April 18, 2018, Google made a public announcement of releasing the game and puzzle app which helps adults learn to code easily and more effectively with fun games and writing in real JavaScript without making it look intimidating. The game, as publicized, is launching for iOS and Android from Area 120.

There are three basic things that prevent adults from engaging in certain things they enjoy-which include money, time, and access. The main focus of Google was on these three obstacles. Seeking for the opinions of others, Google did a good job by asking some U.S. adults the express purpose they had given up on coding. Commenting on this, the founder of Grasshopper and a senior product manager at Google, Laura Holmes said:

“The top answer was that they ran out of time. But with the newly-launched app, many of our users actually find moments sitting on the couch, or in bed at night after work to learn how to code.”

Individuals who are interested in learning coding are at it so as to further their career.

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The app is not difficult to comprehend at all. It has made coding very simple a task; it is self-explanatory, absolutely palpable. When the user sets up the app, he decides how often he desires to practice coding. The app suggests playing every day, but because we are so choked up with our daily activities, it has provided options like playing it every other day- for the convenience of its users.

Similar to many other games designed to teach children and adults how to code, the puzzles in the Grasshopper app encompasses keyboarding lines of code to reach the desired goal.

The app was also designed to test the ability of students to ensure they are really grasping the principles being taught in every lesson.

A grasshopper named Grace, the name of the computer industry pioneer Grace Hopper gives assistance to players along the way. Its available on Android and iOS

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