10 Best Android and PC Action Games for Girls

10 Best Action Games for Girls

Action Games for girls have evolved over the years. From the early gaming consoles that featured the usual dress-up games, dolls, make-up sessions and playhouse fares, games now build on strong female characters and problem-solving / coding challenges….

New Pro Evolution Soccer Entry Lands on the Play Store

Pro evolution soccer

Coming as the latest title in Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series, PES Card Collection takes a different twist as it centers on collecting player cards. These cards will represent real-world players that come from different teams and leagues,…

Xbox One X Review, Specs, Price

Xbox One X Review, Specs, Price

Coming as one of the best video games out there, or is it the best? I think it’s my best gaming unit though, don’t know about you.  For those of my Naija peeps who are diehard gamers like…