Android Welcomes Facebook’s Bonfire App

Android users will be getting Facebook’s group video chat app on the Play Store from now. Although we weren’t able to get a sneak peek on how it really works as a result of geo-restrictions, we are damn sure that Facebook has, for the first time built an app that’s not a copy of another. Bonfire is a video chat app that has been built for the millennial, and it has been designed to win as it will be taking out competitors like Houseparty, Airtime, ooVoo, Marco Polo and many others. Messenger and Instagram users will also enjoy using this app becomes it is rolled into the Facebook ecosystem. The app comes with the ability to take screen shots during a chat, and post them to Instagram or share them on WhatApp with ease. This feature comes as the first of its kind for android, but that doesn’t mean you can take you screen shot, exit the app and them go on to do whatever you so wish with [...]