5 New Android Games You Can’t Afford To Miss

Ok, ok, it’s a Monday, and the average Naija dude is on his way to work or school, and me sitting here to write this have cost me like 5 minutes explanation on why I am not going out on “MONDAY.” Am actually starting to think that Mondays are some kinda holy day, everyone wants to go over the moon today…whatever though.

So, the best new Android games, right? Hmmm, okay. Let’s get to business.

  1. PES Card Collection

I wrote an article on this about two days ago, and it was really taking a deeper look into this newly released game that’s just garnering over 50k downloads on Google Play. You might want to take a look at my review here. Why not join the league, collect your cards and build teams that will win by downloading yours now.

  1. Runic Rampage

This new RPG is something really classy though, it does a really good work of emulating Diablo. Nothing beats the hacking and slashing as you move through the hordes of foes, and the feeling of satisfaction after coming mass murder, LOL. Download yours here.

  1. The Muscle Hustle

You guys might have to say goodbye to TNA really soon with this new wrestling game. The muscle hustle virtually allows you throw discs at your enemies, these discs represents wrestlers, and so hitting them at different points has different levels of damages. Honestly, I am thinking I didn’t write that line well enough, well, just download yours here and see for yourself.

  1. KISS Rock City

Almost every dude I know wan blow, everybody dey carry mic dey sing. You can actually make your dreams come true in this game. You can start your own band and practically live the life of a rock star. Who says hard work pays? This pays better and faster. Download yours here.

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  1. Final Fantasy Dimensions II

This comes as a sequel to the original, and it fittingly sits in the first position for this week. This game comes with that old school touch of final fantasy right on your devices. You’ll enjoy turn-based battles and a cast of your favorite characters. Just download yours here already. I have to get started for the day before pelzin bite my ear.

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